Issues & Positions

Improving the courts
The judicial branch needs adequate funding to modernize and handle increased caseloads. This would permit speedier handling of cases and quicker resolution. Long pending litigation caused by overburdened courts is bad for business.

Protecting private property
No state or local government entity should ever condemn private property to benefit a private purpose. The North Carolina Constitution permits the taking of private property only for an important governmental purpose to benefit the entire community.

Regulatory takings
When a governmental entity exercises regulatory power to destroy or drastically reduce the economic value of private property, it is possible for such an action to constitute a taking requiring just compensation to the owner.

Taxpayers' Rights
I dissented from the majority decision of the Court of appeals decision in Coley v. State which approved of a retrospective tax passed by the legislature which retroactively increased the income tax rate. This decision is contrary to the state Constitution's prohibition against retrospective taxes and should be overturned by the Supreme Court. I will protect taxpayers' rights under the North Carolina Constitution.

Gun rights
The Second Amendment protects the right of responsible citizens to keep and bear arms as a bulwark against tyranny. I support our honest citizens' right to keep firearms for sport and self-protection. (Judge Calabria is a lifetime member of the NRA)